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Restaurateur Coach

Reasons #1: The best athletes in the world have private coaches. What do they know that you don’t? They know that even the best slide into slumps sometimes and their coach is there to help them stay on track and identify the little things that have changed and help them get back on the path towards their goals.

Reason #2: You’re doing ok, but feel you are leaving money on the table. In other words, you are surviving, but you can’t quite break out into consistent and expected profit goals. I can help you find the low hanging fruit as well as the long term growth areas.

Reason #3: You have not had a vacation in, well you can’t remember the last time. I can help you feel confident about delegating as well as show you tools that will allow you to “not physically be there all the time”.

Reason #4: You’re turnover rate makes your head spin. I can work with you to find the reasons why’, then help create an environment that will create a culture which will attract and keep great team members.

Reason #5: Your Tech Stack looks like a mess, lots of cool things that don’t work well together. Or maybe you have nothing at all. I can help you make sense of what you have, or don’t have and how it’s working for you and how it might be helping or hurting the processes you currently have in place.

Reason #6: Can you state with confidence the COGS for every item on your menu? If not, why? Do you know how to do this? This is critically important and I can help you create a template that can be used ever time you change a recipe, update your menu or even decide to create a special item.

Reason #7: Your sister’s daughter’s friends cousin is handling your Social Media marketing for free. How’s that working for you so far? I’ll help you review where you are, make a plan moving forward and then show you how you can delegate this task to a team member or hire a vendor at a fair value.

Reason #8: You have no data. Zero, nil, zilch. I can help you create processes to generate guest data, like average head count, covers, turns, ancillary item sale frequency, top seller vs low seller menu items. I can also help you create a workable process to collect email addresses so you can keep in touch with your guests.

Reason #9: How much time do you spend on payroll? Weekly/monthly P&L reports? Are you doing this yourself. I can talk you down off that ledge and help you find a way to outsource this task. It’s a time suck and you have better things to do. That doesn’t mean you no longer look at this data, it simply means you are going to delegate it properly.

Reason #10: Do you have an exit strategy? What’s your plan when you are ready to “exit”? I can help you think about various ways out, but first, I can help you get the business ready for the day you are no longer running the day to day aspects.

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