Helping remind you what you know and
holding you accountable to do it.

How can I help you?​


Are you the owner ?

Trust and Honest Feedback

Maybe you’re struggling, or maybe you’re making a little money. Maybe you’re fully staffed, maybe not. You take a vacation twice a year, or maybe you haven’t had one since you opened the restaurant. I’m here to listen to you, ask you a lot of questions and help identify ways to make your restaurateur more like the place you want it to be, both functionally and profitably.

People and Processes

Critical to make sure these are compatible.

Matching your People with your Processes

When things go south and you don’t know why, do you blame it on the person involved, or the process they were following? Was that person trained properly and did they have a good understanding of the process? Let’s talk about this and examine how you can make any necessary adjustments.


How does your tech stack look?

Blending Technology with your People and Processes

Maybe your technology works great, maybe it doesn’t. Maybe you could use more, maybe you should ’86 some of it. I’ll go through everything you have and as always ask you questions. The goal is to insure that you are getting out of the technology what you wanted and that you actually are seeing a return on your investment.


Cash Flow

How the money flows

Let’s review how money actually flows into the restaurant and how it flows out. The actual mechanics and how it impacts a positive experience between you and your vendors, your guests and your staff/restaurant. Could it be improved?

Exit Strategy

Do you wanna work forever?

How do you define Exit

Maybe you have never thought about life after working 12 hour days, 7 days a week, 360 days a year. Maybe you have. I’m a believer in developing your Restaurant into a great place that could live without you having specific responsibilities. Let’s talk about what this might look like for you.